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Exploring Diamond Shapes & Their Unique Characteristics


Engagement rings: Beyond the traditional round brilliant, diamond cuts emerge in captivating shapes from oval to Asscher. Each imparts distinctive personality and sparkle effects. Understanding diamond forms provides insight into finding the perfect stone.

Cushion cuts charm with softly rounded sides but large facets. Their pillowed edges evoke warm old European vintage style while exhibiting brilliant light patterns. Cushions radiate romantic glamour.

For bold contemporary edge, princess cut diamonds display chevron-like faceting in sharp square or rectangular outlines. Princess cuts feel strikingly fresh and current. Their geometric corners demand protected settings.

Elongated oval diamonds enchant with graceful brilliance. Their elliptical shape containing modified brilliant facets flatters the finger while eliciting desirable dimension and curve. Ovals convey femininity.

Emerald cuts showcase step-cut faceting in elegant elongated rectangles. Their crisp linear facets reflect light in a mesmerizing hall-of-mirrors effect. Emerald cuts feel refined and sophisticated.

Asscher cuts marry emerald’s clean lines with princess’s sharp edges in an octagonal silhouette. Their truncated corners create fascinating displays of light. Asschers feel simultaneously vintage and modern.

Radiant cut diamonds combine brilliant and emerald-cut faceting for captivating shine. The rectangular facets optimized for light dispersion emanate liveliness and exuberance. 

Beyond the distinctive brilliance each shape exhibits, consider how a diamond’s form can reflect their style, personality and hand size for the perfect engagement ring fit.


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